February 5, 2023
Since it is a word with the nuance of "dark" web, many people may be wondering "what is it really?, Including the image that it is a web space where underground information flies. Is it?

4 items you should know about origin and how to get involved

The word “dark web” is often seen and heard in various media, and it is no longer a rare existence.

Since it is a word with the nuance of “dark” web, many people may be wondering “what is it really?, Including the image that it is a web space where underground information flies. Is it?

It is a common image on the dark web that many people are interested in seeing something scary, but also feel anxiety and fear due to being involved poorly.

What is the dark web really?  Why was the dark web born and used? What is the correct way to get involved, including risk management?

We will explain these various questions about the dark web in the following four chapters. Whether you are interested in the world of the dark web or feel uneasy, this is the information you need to know.

1. The world of the dark web that is not hit by ordinary search engines

The dark web cannot be found by regular search engines. So where is the web? First, I will explain the basics.

1-1. What is the dark web?

The dark web is also called the “dark web”, and as the name implies, it is a type of website, But we can not be found in ordinary search engines like Google, and we usually use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.  A website that cannot be viewed with your regular web browser.

It is called the dark web because it cannot be viewed without using dedicated browsing software, and because it is extremely anonymous, it is located in the depths where it is difficult for light to hit.

1-2.   Differences between the dark web and the regular web

The web we usually browse is a space called the surface web, as opposed to the dark web. If you compare this relationship to an iceberg, what you see above the sea is the surface web that we are familiar with, below the surface of the water there is a deep web that ordinary users cannot easily browse, and below that.   There is a dark web, which is a web space that cannot be viewed without special tools.

There is the word “the tip of the iceberg”. What you see on the surface of the sea is only a small part of the whole, meaning that much more is hidden beneath the surface of the sea.

In fact, the size of the deep web, including the dark web, is estimated to be 400 to 500 times that of the surface web we normally access, and there is a huge amount of information there. 

This article focuses on the dark web, which is deepest and can only be viewed in a special environment.

1-3. How the dark web works

The greatest feature of the dark web is its high anonymity. Since it is accessed via multiple servers around the world, it is difficult to identify the access source.This technology is called “onion routing” and the name is based on the masking image of  the use the center of an onion, stacking the layers like an onion. 

14. Why was the dark web born?

There is an image that the dark web is now a hotbed for dark sites and underground markets, but it was originally developed by the U.S. Navy, and it is said that the confidentiality of information and communication will be ensured by ensuring anonymity. There was a purpose.

Since the roots are in the technology developed by the U.S. military for use in intelligence activities, dictatorship dissidents, whistleblowers, journalists, etc. communicate while maintaining complete anonymity for their own safety. It has developed as a place where you can do it, and it is still used for free exchange of information in countries where freedom of speech is restricted.However, the high degree of anonymity is also convenient for criminals and the image of “dark web = dark site, hotbed of illegal sites” has been formed.

15.What is sold on the dark web

The dark web, a convenient anonymous space for criminals, is full of problematic sites. In the world of the surface web we know, we rarely see login ID and password sets, email addresses, drugs and counterfeit credit cards, counterfeit bill sales and child pornographic sites, just to name a few.   The information is distributed by the major players.

By the way, in 2015, there was an incident in which more than 1 million pieces of personal information were leaked due to a cyber-attack on the Japan Pension Service. In this case, it was reported that the dark web was abused as a means of communication for cyber-attacks, and it was not finally possible to identify the suspect.

In addition, NEM (XEM), which became popular as a cryptocurrency stolen in 2018, was also sold on the dark web. Again, the suspect remains unidentified.

The power of the dark web has been proved again in the sense of high anonymity, but on the other hand, the infamy of the dark web has further increased.

1-6. The dark web has an underground economy

In the previous section, we introduced some sites selling illegal products such as illegal drugs and counterfeit credit cards. You may have noticed one question here. That is, “How do you settle the price? Using a credit card, bank transfer, or handing over will compromise your anonymity, which is a bottleneck for criminals.

Cryptocurrencies are being abused here. Since the anonymity of the person who also used the virtual currency is high, if you make a transaction using the virtual currency on the dark web, you can safely receive the price. 

The page that sells cocaine mentioned earlier shows that three virtual currencies, Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Ethereum (ETH), can be used for payment.

In this way, the underground economy has already been established in the world of the dark web. Technology that eliminates the need for high confidentiality and the exchange of physical money has become a convenient era for criminals.

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