February 4, 2023
u should never approach the dark web just because you are interested in it, so I will only introduce the image of using the dark web.

In continuation of previous article, we will discus more about the dark web

2. How is the dark web used?

How is the dark web actually used? Of course, Norton has a stance that you should never approach the dark web just because you are interested in it, so I will only introduce the image of using the dark web.

2-1.      Dedicated browser for Dark web

The dark web, you need a dedicated browser that specializes in privacy features. Although the specific name is hidden, the software itself is distributed on the surface web.

2-2. Enter the URL directly

In the dark web world, URLs are in a completely different format than those used on the regular surface web. Of course, you can’t access the URL by typing it in a regular browser, and you can’t find it using a search engine.

By entering the URL directly in the dedicated browser, the contents of the dark web will be displayed.

2-3. Use the search engine installed in the dark web

There are major search engines such as Google in the surface web world, and the search environment is very well developed. Of course, Google isn’t in the dark web world, so it’s not very well developed, but search engines do exist.

Users who have what they are looking for but do not know the URL are using these search engines to find the content they are looking for.

3. Correct relationship with the dark web

How should we, the general user, relate to the existence of the dark web? Please be aware of the following ways of getting involved so that you will not be involved in or involved in a crime.

3-1. Never access

Of course, you should never access the dark web, which is known to be a hotbed of crime. It is undeniable that users in the dark society will be noticed by being involved with interest, and it is possible that they will be the target of cyber attacks, so please do not peek at them with interest.

3-2.        I don’t buy anything

As I’ve already mentioned, in the dark web world, things that are illegal to own can be sold as a matter of course.

Keep in mind that buying things that are severely punished by Japanese law, such as pistols and drugs, is at risk of losing your life.Europol’s secretary general, who discovered the two dark sites, said: “It’s not as anonymous as the criminals think. If you buy something like this with interest and it’s something you’re arrested for just having it, it’s a festival even if you regret it. Never buy anything.

3-3. Do not write anything

There is also a bulletin board in a Japanese environment on the dark web. It’s not hard to imagine what would be written on a bulletin board with a high degree of anonymity. Many sites have become lawless zones, such as malicious death threats and personal information of people targeted by attacks.

In this way, there are countless bulletin board threads that lead from account hijacking to death threats, and the maliciousness that is unthinkable on the surface web stands out.      

Writing something in such a place will put you in the circle.Not be involved in unnecessary problems or accidents, make sure you registerin” and “don’t buy or write anything” even if you log in for some reason  4.    The importance of security as seen from the information on the dark web

So far we have introduced the world of the dark web, but a glimpse of this world will give you a good idea of what the criminals are doing and what they are aiming for. I would like to touch on the importance of security as seen from the behavior of criminals who are dying on the dark web.

4-1. Be careful when handling card information

The fact that counterfeit credit cards are sold on the dark web means that the information on the credit card used by the legitimate owner has been stolen by someone.

The criminal writes the number, expiration date, etc. on the forged card body based on the card information, stamps it, and sells it. Of course, if the counterfeit card is used, the bill will be sent to the legitimate user.

Be aware of security so that you do not easily enter your card information on mail-order sites that are not well-secured.

Also, even if the card information is leaked and the card is used illegally, it is meaningless unless you notice it. We recommend that you check your card usage details every time so that you can immediately notice even in such a situation.

4-2. Thorough password management for internet services

Various Internet services such as SNS require an ID and password to authenticate the user.

As introduced in this article, there is even a service that undertakes account hacking, so be sure to manage your password thoroughly. “what is a brute force attack? means how to make a chain complicated and hard to break. . Thorough account management of crypto assets (virtual currency)

The huge theft of cryptocurrency exchanges in 2018 has led to a turmoil that affects the trust of cryptocurrencies themselves. As mentioned above, it has been confirmed that part of the cryptocurrency called NEM (XEM) stolen here was sold and used on the dark web, and the cryptocurrency also plays a major role in the dark web’s underground economy.        There is no doubt that it is playing.

In other words, cryptocurrencies are an important payment method for those who want to buy something on the dark web, so there is a great possibility that they will continue to be targeted.        If you have a cryptocurrency wallet, please manage your account properly.

The dark web is full of information for hacking cryptocurrency wallets, so be aware that if you’re just as careful as your wallet in the real world, you’ll be targeted by someone.      

Please refer to the following articles for the basics of cryptocurrency security.

Cryptocurrency security summary  From basics to specific methods to ensure security

5. Summary

I think many people imagined the dark society and the underground economy from the nuances of the word dark web, but not everyone was surprised that the history of its birth was legitimate. Is it?      

However, it is now a web world that is convenient not only for its noble purpose but also for criminals. We hope that you will be aware that the dark web is extremely dangerous and keep away from it, and that you will be able to raise your security awareness from the information distributed on the dark web   

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