February 4, 2023
An online insurance comparison  aims to simulate different insurance offers available on the market in order to help you find the formula that corresponds to your profile and your specific needs, and all this for free.

An online insurance comparison  aims to simulate different insurance offers available on the market in order to help you find the formula that corresponds to your profile and your specific needs, and all this for free.

The principle is simple: you fill out an online form that allows the comparison  to target your profile, your needs, your expectations and your budget. It then offers you the list of service providers and offers that correspond to your request or that come close to it. This free tool allows you to see in a few clicks all the services likely to interest you, offered by both physical agencies and online agencies. All you have to do is detail them to make your choice. Whether it’s car, funeral, home, mutual, credit or other insurance, the comparison  makes your life easier in just a few clicks.

Do you still doubt it? Here are 10 good reasons to prove their usefulness to you!

1 – Saving valuable time

The online insurance comparison  works for you! All you have to do is fill out an online form and in a few seconds you will get a list of interesting offers that meet your needs. No need to go to an agency to meet advisors and no need to compare lots of offers that don’t suit you! The search is targeted and fast to save you valuable time.

2 – All offers are presented before your eyes

With just a few clicks, you have everything at your fingertips. It’s very simple, all the offers and their options are displayed on your screen to facilitate your comparison. You no longer need to switch from one prospectus to another, or slalom between the websites of different service providers; everything is before your eyes to simplify your study of offers and services and to quickly and efficiently find the formula that suits you.

3 – Effective and targeted sorting

You will no longer need to detail the proposals of the different service providers and compare their offers according to the degrees of coverage, options or pricing. The insurances that do not correspond to you are directly eliminated, and only those that suit your profile, your needs and your budget are offered to you. You thus avoid tedious sorting work and you can more easily compare the prices of service providers with equal offers and options.

4 – A free and non-binding service

The online insurance comparison  is a free and non-binding service. You do it quietly from home, which saves you the pressure that some service providers can exert on their potential future customers to sell them insurance. In a few clicks, you get a free, reliable and efficient service that allows you to save time and better compare the offers that may interest you. Without commitment, you are not obliged to follow up on your comparison and you are free to turn to other comparasion s or other service providers.

5 – A personalized simulation

The online insurance comparison  will first ask you to fill out a form indicating your needs and expectations. By indicating your family portrait, your history, your needs in terms of protection, your budget and your project, it offers you adapted and 100% personalized offers. You won’t need to waste time sorting through the proposals, only those that match you will be displayed. A tailor-made, unique and free service.

6 – Real savings

The online insurance comparison  allows you to make interesting savings since it offers you financially advantageous contracts that meet your needs and your budget. Thus, it automatically eliminates expensive and above-market offers to meet your expectations in every way without making you spend your money unnecessarily.

7 – No trip to an agency to be expected

The insurance comparison  being an online service, it is not necessary for you to go to an agency. You have everything at your fingertips, in just a few clicks and a handful of seconds. From home, compare the offers of dozens of service providers to find the one that suits you, contact an advisor and/or sign your contract without setting foot outside!

8 – An integral approach

After showing you the different offers on the market corresponding to your profile, your needs and likely to suit you, the online insurance comparison  offers you three choices. Indeed, you can directly subscribe online if an offer satisfies you. You can also ask to be called back by an advisor from the service provider in question if you are unsure or if you need additional information. Finally, you have the possibility of requesting to receive a quote by email to better study in detail the service(s) that interest you, as well as their options and conditions. Of course, you are also free not to follow up on the comparison ‘s proposal, the service being free and without obligation.

9 – Data filled in once and for all

No need to repeat your personal data from one site to another to request your quote. Indeed, each service provider will ask you to provide some private information to better respond to you (identity, age, family situation, contact details, etc.) and related to the service requested (registration for vehicle insurance, housing data for housing insurance , etc). A tedious and time-consuming operation that you will have to repeat with each service provider. The advantage of the online insurance comparison  is that it only asks you for this information once for all your research! You thus avoid a certain loss of time and potential errors by dint of tirelessly reporting your data.

10 – Unbeatable value for money

No need to go to an agency to play the competition since the online comparison  offers you the insurance that corresponds to you at the best quality/price ratio. You thus have access to online service providers that you could not meet in an agency, but who offer you equal services for lower costs. Indeed, the fact of going through an online agency lowers prices, their internal costs being reduced by the absence of a physical agency and the reduction of administrative processing. As a result, for equal service, you save money!

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