February 5, 2023
Amex Platinum card, this is a summary of income and expenditure reports and impressions using the Amex Platinum card that I have been using since last fall. Smart & Responsible did not recommend cards with membership fees, but nevertheless I tried using Platinum cards, which belong to the category with the highest membership fees.

Amex Platinum Credit Card

Amex Platinum card, this is a summary of income and expenditure reports and impressions using the Amex Platinum card that I have been using since last fall. Smart & Responsible did not recommend cards with membership fees, but nevertheless I tried using Platinum cards, which belong to the category with the highest membership fees. I wondered if there were any benefits that I couldn’t see when I used it, so I made it out of curiosity. Last time, I wrote about point usage, American Airlines credit back, and Global Entry credit back, but this time I will talk about the remaining benefits.

Use the airport lounge

This was the privilege I was looking forward to unexpectedly. The food at the airport is not very delicious, and the price at the airport is very high, isn’t it? Every time I think about taking something cheap and delicious from home and eating it while waiting, there are almost no trials. We’re always the last minute everywhere we go, and we’re a family packing on the morning of departure. So, it was my dream (and still a dream) to leave the house with some leeway and relax in the lounge gracefully.

If you have a Platinum card, you can use the Centurion Lounge managed by Amex, the Delta Air lounge that has a partnership with Amex, and the Priority Pass, an airport lounge that is affiliated all over the world. Equivalent).

After less than a year, I was able to use the lounge only once. I used the Alaskan Air lounge as a Priority Pass affiliated lounge, but it’s normal. After that, it was difficult to try using it many times. The Centurion Lounge has a reputation for being very well-equipped under Amex management, but it’s only available at a limited number of airports in the United States. My home airport, LAX (Los Angeles International Airport), is under construction and I was hoping for when it would open, but apparently it won’t open before I cancel my Platinum card. I once went through San Francisco Airport, and I wanted to use it because there is a Centurion Lounge, but I gave up because the terminal where the Lounge is located and the departure / arrival gate were far away.

Also, the Delta lounge can only be used by flying with Delta, so its use is also limited. I think Priority Pass has the highest flexibility, but it wasn’t good either. The airport I often go to doesn’t have a Priority Pass lounge, or even if it’s there, it’s not open due to lack of time, or the terminal is too far away to reach. In the first place, the lounge is a place where people who fly in business or first class kill time, and it is originally near the departure / arrival gate of the airline company. Priority Pass is, so to speak, a person who flies in economy uses the affiliated lounge with a membership system, so I think it is a little impossible.

So the benefits of the lounge are as close to zero as possible.

Concierge service

A concierge service that is often taken up as one of the highlights of the benefits. It is a butler service that completes the necessary tasks with a single phone call and a single textbook. Arranging to give flowers to someone on some special occasion, arranging tickets for concerts and shows, booking popular restaurants, etc. seems to be a common pattern. When I was reading my experiences online, he got a sold-out concert ticket, made a sudden reservation at a popular restaurant for the next three months, and when I went to the restaurant, it was a long line. There was a happy voice saying that when I called the concert immediately, I was able to get in immediately, etc., but when I asked for information on travel destinations, it was just a content that appeared in Google search. I asked for a concert ticket before it was released, but there are some Not so happy voices saying that I should have bought it myself because I couldn’t get it after all.

My experience is … I had the opportunity to go to Banff, Canada in the winter, and if I tried to book a dog sledding tour 3 weeks before departure, there are several companies that offer tours, but they are all sold out. I asked the concierge to do something about it, and after looking at the sites of all the companies and confirming that they were sold out, just like I did, they called the concierge of our hotel. It seems that they worked together to find it, but I couldn’t make a reservation because there were so many things. After that, during the trip, the restaurant that I thought I wanted to go to dinner was full of reservations, so I thought maybe I contacted Conciage again, but “The restaurant is not a partnership shop, so I can not overdo it. That’s why it’s no good. It may be unexpectedly impossible for a fancy restaurant like the one in a magazine, but I wonder if it is not good for a restaurant in the city.

Well, the number of important customers who use cards a lot may be because Amex, the company that started database marketing, is the one. By the way, I couldn’t master the concierge service. At my home, I try to find out and make arrangements by myself as much as possible, and if there is something that is not good enough, I can not do it and enjoy the wind. In fact, instead of a restaurant full of reservations, the restaurant I came across after seeing Yelp was wonderfully delicious and the whole family came back with a happy look (a tapas shop called Block Kitchen in Banff. If you go to Banff, stop by. Please try).

Hotel upgrade

With the Platinum card, membership in the two major chains, Marriott and Hilton, will be gold. Benefits include early check-in, late check-out, and room upgrades. I’ve used it several times, but I also unexpectedly used a hotel that doesn’t belong to these two major chains. After all, if you focus on the functionality of “I want to stay in this area (physical area)” on the same principle as an airplane terminal, it is unexpectedly difficult to find the hotel there, no matter how big the chain. Is an impression. I think it can be divided into two types, but it seems that the loyalty program itself does not fit because the latter is the person who goes to one company as much as possible with an emphasis on loyalty and the person who wants to choose the best conditions at that time. Was what I learned.

Also, as a Platinum privilege, there is also a program called Fine & Resorts where you can stay at a luxury hotel as a discount, early check-in, late check-out, use at hotels up to $ 100 or $ 150 (spa or restaurant) It is a great deal if you use it well because it has credits. However, it is not absolutely profitable, and Priceline may be cheaper. Comparison is important.

Saks Fifth Ave. and Uber Credit Back

I also think this is a little cheaper benefit, but there is a $ 100 credit back for Saks shopping and a $ 200 credit back for Uber usage. However, you can’t pay the full amount at once. Saks is $ 50 every six months, Uber is $ 15 a month and $ 35 only in December. I think this shredded benefit is Cheap. It would be nice for people who ride Uber frequently, but since we don’t ride much, maybe we got a credit back of about $ 30.

Then Saks! I’m not a Saks type, so I don’t want anything else when I go to the site, but I’m looking for something to buy because I get a credit back, but it’s Saks. Nothing can be bought for less than $ 50! Well, I thought I could pay for it a little, so I found a T-shirt, a summer dress, a sauce holder for Le Creuset, and bought it three times (this is also $ 100 from January to December, so when the year starts) I was able to buy it three times because I got a new $ 100).

I was allowed to use it, but I thought that this shredded small amount of credit back was a bit of a mischievous privilege for an Amex Platinum card.

Final income and expenditure settlement

There are other benefits, but I wonder if this is what I mainly used. The balance is as below.

I paid only $ 550 for the annual membership fee. It was $ 175 for up to 3 family cards, but for some reason it wasn’t charged. Looking at this balance alone, I’m surprised that there was a benefit of over $ 2,000, but I still cancel this card.

Of these, the orange item will be reduced or eliminated in the future. The points are big bonus points for sign-up, and American Air is now $ 400 over two years, but the real one-year amount is $ 200. Global Entry is applied every 5 years, so it will be zero for the next 4 years.

Even so, I don’t know if I can get the $ 550 membership fee depending on how I use it, but what I thought about using it was that it wasn’t a card that I used so much and wasn’t quite right. My initial curiosity was to try using a card with a membership fee and see if there are any benefits that are worth it, but in terms of monetary numbers, the first year is a huge plus, but the second year. Not so much after that, I thought this card would be good for those who value the status and services related to Platinum rather than the small financial gains and losses.

Depending on the person’s home airport, the lounge may be easier to use, or the concierge service may be available for even greater service. The point is, I think it suits the lifestyle of the person.

After using it for a year, I checked if it suits me and it was interesting. It’s a Platinum card that will be canceled soon, but I’m glad I tried it. After canceling, I will go with a cashback card with no annual membership fee. No matter what you use it, it’s straightforward and easy to get back with just the amount you used. The story of Platinum is over.

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