February 1, 2023
Credit Card Benefits, Today I will talk about the benefits of credit cards. Speaking of benefits, the focus tends to be on points and cash back,

Credit Card Benefits, Today I will talk about the benefits of credit cards. Speaking of benefits, the focus tends to be on points and cash back, but today it is not known for anything else, but it is very encouraging to know … I will investigate such benefits.

I recently bought a humidifier. It’s my fifth winter since I moved to Southern California. This winter, the whole family caught a cold, and although it wasn’t a big cold, it didn’t go away, and when I slept at night and woke up in the morning, the throat was sick. This requires a humidifier … I ran to Walmart and bought 3 humidifiers. One of them, his hand slipped off when his son filled the water tank with water. When picked up, the tank cracks. Oops. .. .. It’s only $ 30, but it’s easy to break before you use it. As expected, I can’t return my fault or return … What’s wrong?

Then I came up with a privilege called Purchase Protection of Amex (I have a card called Blue Cash). If you buy something from Amex and the item is broken or stolen, you can get a refund within 90 days. I went to the online site, opened the Claim form, explained the situation and submitted the Claim. There is nothing to attach to the receipt or photo, so it’s just an explanation. Immediately, I received an email saying, “I received the Claim. If necessary, the person in charge will contact you.”

The next day, I received another email saying, “Claim has been processed and we will refund $ 29.99.” What a quickness and simplicity! Actually, I used this privilege about 3 years ago, but at that time I dropped the Western liquor I bought to give to people at Narita Airport and broke it, and at that time also detailed circumstantial evidence such as photos. He gave me a refund immediately without it.

I’m personally a big fan of Amex’s quickness and credit business. .. Amex has been a database company for a long time, so it seems that all of these Claims are converted into data and watch patterns. So if you abuse it or use it too irresponsibly, it will be immediately flagged and your response will change. On the other hand, there is a sense of security that if you are a good customer, you will be treated as a good customer.

I think that some of the benefits of this kind of credit card are unexpectedly unknown, and even if you know it, you may forget to use it, so today I will try to find the hidden benefits of the credit card. Let’s do it.

Car rental insurance

This should be a relatively well-known perk, but it seems that some people still take advantage of it. There is an optional insurance policy that you are advised to take out when you rent a car, but in many cases the insurance coverage can be covered to a large extent by credit card benefits. In a 2007 survey, one-third of people who rent a car have optional insurance recommended by the car rental company, and 56% of them are uncertain whether their credit card offers similar insurance benefits. It seems to be. Credit card payments are common in rental cars, and many credit cards come with this benefit, so be sure to check it out. Also, the range of benefits varies depending on the card, so be sure to understand your benefits in advance so that you do not close the window at the rental car company.

Get concert tickets

It seems that some tickets for popular concerts are quite difficult to obtain. That should be the case, in the case of popular concerts, various businesses and groups purchase in bulk, so it seems that it is not uncommon to have very few tickets for general sale. According to a report from a person who examined Justin Beber’s concerts, the hoarding of credit card companies, fan clubs, various VIP programs, etc. left only 7% of the total tickets for general sale. Pre-sale services and priority seat ticket sales offered by Citi, Visa Signature, Amex, etc. may be of great value to those who often go to concerts.

Extended Warranty

Even after the manufacturer warranty expires, the credit card company will continue to provide the warranty for up to one year. It is provided by Amex and Mastercard. It’s a good idea to buy expensive items such as refrigerators, laptops, and TVs with a card to secure an extended warranty. Do not buy the extended warranty recommended by the store .

Price protection

After purchasing something, if you find that the same item is sold cheaply, the card company will refund the difference. For Visa, it’s OK within 60 days. There is a limit of $ 250 per item and a total of $ 1,000 per year, but it’s just a difference, so it’s a sufficient limit. Price information can be collected relatively easily, such as electrical products, and it will be highly useful for items that are easy to compare.

Return protection

The United States is a country where returns are very easy, but there are still some items such as sale items and special items that the store does not accept returns. It is a service that the card company accepts returns of such items instead. Amex doubles will accept up to $ 300 per item and a total of $ 1,000 per year if the store does not accept returns within 90 days of purchase.

Travel cancellation insurance

If you decide to cancel your trip due to illness or emergency, this service will cover the non-cancellable air ticket fee. Not many cards offer this benefit, but Discover will cover up to $ 2,500 for illness reasons and up to $ 125 a day for itinerary delays. Travel insurance can be a surprising amount if you buy it yourself. It will be highly useful for those who travel frequently.

Airport check-in luggage

It is a benefit that will compensate you if you lose your luggage or if your luggage does not come out at the destination and it is delayed. Cards issued jointly by airlines and credit companies seem to have a lot of other travel-related benefits in addition to baggage compensation.

Credit cards are a reassuring partner in personal finance when used in a Smart & Responsible way. On the contrary, if you use it non-smart & Irresponsible, it is a great enemy of personal finance. It’s a double-edged sword, but I want to stick to the former method and attach it to a reliable ally.

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